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JENKPOD Episode 008 – Starkill

This week Russell Kummer of Eternal North and I sat down to chat with frontman/guitarist/keyboardist Parker Jameson of Chicago’s Starkill. Great chat about the band’s history, touring, all that good shit.

Thanks again to Parker for chatting it up with us, follow Starkill on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

JENKPOD Episode 007 – Allegaeon

What’s up everybody? Viktor here, back with another new episode of JENKPOD! This week Russell Kummer and I sit down with Greg Burgess, Mike Stancel, and Corey Archuleta of Denver’s Allegaeon to talk about their new album “Elements of the Infinite”, touring, and all kinds of other shit. I think you’ll really enjoy this one.

Check out Allegaeon on Facebook, Twitter, and at Thanks again to the guys for taking the time to chat with us!

JENKPOD Episode 006 – Derek Roddy PT 2

Back for round two with legendary drummer Derek Roddy! This time we hit up all of the listener questions that we didn’t have time to get to, as well as theEXCLUSIVE PREMIER of a new track from Derek’s project Serpents Rise!

JENKPOD Episode 005 – Derek Roddy PT 1

Greetings friends! Glad to be back with an all new episode of our podcast JENKPOD. This week we’ve got a very special guest, legendary musician Derek Roddy! You might know him from his work with Serpents Rise, Menace, Hate Eternal, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Council of the Fallen, Today Is The Day, Traumedy, and Aurora Borealis, or from being one of seven drummers who auditioned for Dream Theater after the departure of Mike Portnoy. He will be returning for Part 2 with us here in a week or so as we had tons of listener questions that we just didn’t have time to get to among other subjects, so stay tuned for that episode here very soon.

JENKPOD Episode 004 – The Breakers

A quick update as to what we’ve been up to the past six months, as well as our new album The Breakers in full!

JENKPOD Bonus Episode 002 – New Studio and Teaser Audio

Just wanted to get you all up to date on what has been going on with JENKPOD, so here’s a short bonus episode with all of the info! There are also some teaser audio tracks for you as well. Enjoy!

JENKPOD Episode 002 – Getting to know Stevie Sheiza
Viktor Wilt sits down with Stevie Sheiza, the newest member of The Reptilians, to discuss Sheiza’s life growing up in the Pacific Northwest, his battle against Hurricane Rita in Texas, time spent in Amsterdam and much more. Music from The Reptilians, An Evening With Basqueskwatch, Stevie Sheiza and BoSoGa.

JENKPOD Bonus Episode 001 – BoSoGa “Common Deer” DEBUT
Special Bonus Episode! Drummer Steve McMichael debuts new BoSoGa track + The Mentalist in full.


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