Welcome our new bassist, Dr. Steven Jenkem Baldwin McGesus Jr Esq. III

A few months back Stevie Sheiza got ahold of the band and let us know that he would like to put his main focus on another project, our good friends in Shawn and the Marauders. We are sad to see Stevie go, but Shawn and the Marauders are one of east Idaho’s best bands, and with Sheiza and Ditto on board, the new Marauders lineup is just fucking incredible. We are stoked that he can utilize his skills to make that band as bad ass as they can possibly be. You can certainly count on seeing the two bands share the stage soon enough.


We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Steven Jenkem Baldwin McGesus Jr Esq. III to the band!

Nick McGarvey

Dr. Steven Jenkem Baldwin McGesus Jr Esq. III

You might know him as Boise’s Nick McGarvey, of Priapism, Initial Point, Zombunist, Warrior Craft, Obscured By The Sun, and Psychedelic Sex Organ fame.

When Steve McMichael and I started The Reptilians as a side project to DR. SID, I was living in Burley, he was back in Pocatello. We created the first Reptilians albums by sending tracks back and forth through the web, and after mixing them began posting them to MySpace. The first person who contacted me after finding our band page was Nick McGarvey. Some guy from Boise who dug our stuff!┬áHe was in a band that at the time was called Static Repulsion, and sent me some tracks. Killer unique shit unlike anything anybody else was doing. The band’s name was soon changed to Initial Point.

We later booked a show with Boise’s Factory Air, and Nick invited us to stay at his house. Steve and I rolled up to his house, a guy we’d never met, got out of my old Saturn spaceship, and heard faint drumming coming from the garage. It turned out to be a fully sound proofed jam room with a stage, and god damn if Nick didn’t have a little bit of skill on them drums.

The Mansion. It became our Boise home.

Some time later Joey Labato, the most insane guitarist that I know of in the Northwest, left our other band DR. SID and moved to Tucson with another band he was involved with. As time ticked on the realization that Joey was a necessity in not only Dr. SID but even more-so The Reptilians grew stronger and stronger. We had to go get him back. We called him up, and he asked us to come get him.

Nick and I, along with help from Joe Hamilton’s pickup and some good ole’ Duncan Hills Coffee journeyed from Pocatello to Tucson, got hammered with Joey’s other band Defining Life, slept a little, then got up, packed up the Hulk, and took one of the craziest drives through the desert of all time back to Pocatello. A very inspirational 48 hours or so. This journey is documented in the video below. This road trip gave birth to the BEEF VORTEX.

Nick has been a part of The Reptilians family since the beginning, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him on board. He is one of the most talented guitarists and drummers that I know, and I guarantee that you’re going to see some really incredible things coming forth from us very soon.

You can see exactly why we got him on board by viewing the following video.

Or, check out his most recent solo work below.

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100 FREE tracks on the new Heavy Planet compilation, including one from us!

A big thank you to the folks over at Heavy Planet for including our track “To Break is Divine and Inspirational” on their new compilation, “Bong Hits From The Astral Basement – Volume 2″! Our track “Britney Spears Sex Riot” was featured on volume 1 and we can’t thank them enough for once again bringing our music to new listeners.

This album is a FREE download featuring 100 tracks from all kinds of killer stoner/sludge/doom/weird metal bands, including our good friends Psychedelic Sex Organ and Obscured By The Sun! Get it now, and be sure to spread the word!



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OFFICIAL VIDEO – To Break Is Divine

The Reptilians – To Break Is Divine – OFFICIAL VIDEO from Viktor Wilt on Vimeo.

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NEWS: Video. The Breakers now available for NAME YOUR PRICE at Bandcamp.

Greetings from the valley of flank steak! Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but we’ve been working on things.

Lots of things.

We played some really badass shows recently as well. A massive thanks to Tall Tales of Truth, Psychedelic Sex Organ, Eternal North, Obscured By The Sun, Shawn and the Marauders, Lord Dying, Scale The Summit, and tons of other bands I’m forgetting right now. Thank you to everyone who came out for the summer shows!

AT NOON TODAY: we will be unleashing the music video for “To Break Is Divine”.
Warning: May cause motion sickness.

Saturday night we are playing a house Halloween party in good ole’ Pocatello. It’s the place to be!

The Breakers is now available for NAME YOUR PRICE pricing at our Bandcamp page. You should check it out if you somehow missed it.

As for the other stuff, stay tuned!


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JENKPOD Episode 004 – The Breakers

The Reptilians - The Breakers

JENKPOD Episode 004 – The Breakers

A quick update as to what we’ve been up to the past six months, as well as our new album The Breakers in full!

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