Britney Spears Sex Riot (2012)

The long awaited new single…


Britney Spears, growing sick with rage toward the never-ending slew of pop rock bands like Nickelback who write songs with sanitized lyrics that ultimately degrade women but allow them to market themselves to teenage girls, finally snaps, and decides to get revenge.

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Written by Viktor Wilt and polished by The Reptilians

Vocals/Guitars – Viktor Wilt

Drums – Steve McMichael

Lead Guitars – Joey Labato

Basses – Stevie Sheiza

Additional vocals by Joey Labato, Steve McMichael, Stevie Sheiza, and Dan Ditto.

Engineered at The Aedicule Studio in Pocatello, Idaho by Steve McMichael

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Steve McMichael and Viktor Wilt

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